A+E Networks Drives Innovation with TotalRewards Software

A+E Network Case Study

The Vice President of Total Rewards at A+E, Geraldine Potts reveals, “I was working 70-hour weeks just to get mail merges produced in proper fashion. There were 16 different incentive scenarios for 1,400 employees globally, and I had to customize each one. It was a nightmare.” Employees, especially those outside the United States, had to wait weeks for reward statements to arrive.

1. Creatively showcase the value of total rewards in a colorful, engaging way

2. Customize incentive plans for 1,400 employees globally

3. Reduce manual processes
to enable HR to focus on strategy and improving benefits

4. Provide employees, especially global employees, rewards statements in a timely manner

That was before they leveraged TotalRewards Builder. Read this exclusive case study to find out how, TotalRewards Software successfully streamlined the A+E Networks total rewards statement process while improving efficiency, reporting, and the end-user experience.

The TotalRewards Builder platform helped A+E Networks do what?

A+E invests in employees who make a difference for the organization and popular culture as we know it. With the ability to depict a holistic view of compensation and benefits through a dynamic platform, they’re better equipped to show A+E’s contribution to total rewards.

Read the full story now, then we’ll show you how A+E Networks achieved these unbelievable results in a free demo of TotalRewards Builder!