Topic: TotalRewards Software

New Platform Features Make Total Rewards Personal

Summer may be just around the corner, but TotalRewards Software isn’t planning on taking a vacation anytime soon. We’ve added a few cutting edge enhancements to our total rewards marketing software solution, and you can expect many more to come.

Among TotalRewards Builder’s new features are conditional content and targeted messaging capabilities, which enable you to increase employee engagement with personalized welcome messages and custom images. Log in to your Free Edition project now to start personalizing your employee experience! Pro and Ultimate Edition users can even customize entire benefit sections for specific employee groups like executives, managers, union and non-union workers.

Do Your Compensation Practices Make the Grade for 2015?

Attention class, your 2015 Compensation Best Practices Report has been posted. Surveys of over 5,500 of the top business leaders show which industries’ compensation practices are passing and failing. Does your company’s compensation strategy make the grade?

Finance and Insurance Are Leading the Way

Not only are finance and insurance industries compensating their employees better, they’re responding to evolving worker values too. Over 90% of the finance and insurance companies surveyed gave raises last year, and 28% are changing their comp strategy to accommodate Millennials.

Will Mobilegeddon Affect Talent Recruitment?

It’s official: Google is now favoring mobile-friendly sites. Mobilegeddon has come and gone, but could its shockwaves still be affecting your ability to attract and engage job candidates?

43% of smartphone owners are using their mobile devices to get job information, and 18% are actually submitting applications via mobile. This increase in mobile job-hunting in an already competitive employment market means talent-hungry companies without a mobile-friendly recruiting process could go starving.

To keep your company’s talent appetite satisfied, here are a few tips for mobilizing your recruiting process: