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HR Makes the Case with a Total Rewards Statement

With reports that seven out of ten employees aren’t engaged at work, evidence is mounting to show that a modern company’s fight to engage and retain employees starts in HR – and exhibits A, B and C do even more to add to that fact:

  • Only 30% of employees are motivated by money
  • A stronger economy means there’s growing competition for talented workers
  • Millennials, who will soon be the majority in the global workforce, expect shorter job stints and clearer value communication

While HR professionals see these challenges in living color and know that a centralized total rewards statement is the best remedy, executives may not. It’s up to HR to build a case for it. Luckily, we’ve developed a PowerPoint that will not only help HR professionals build their case for why a total rewards solution can help, but also super charge its impact so executives will have no choice but to be convinced. Take a quick look to see how the ideas in our PowerPoint can help you start prepping your total rewards software case to deliver maximum impact.