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Our award-winning candidate experience platform is making the leap from being innovative to being game-changing. CandidateRewards is evolving its feature set to make the recruiting process for candidates and talent acquisition specialists smoother, faster and more personalized.

The new evolution of CandidateRewards platform gives prospective employees a personalized web portal for accessing the information that drives decision making throughout the recruiting process. Key elements like employer value proposition, career path projections, work-life balance and total compensation are quantified on custom-branded dashboards so candidates get any and all questions answered without jumping through the hoops of a generic company portal or waiting for documents to arrive via snail mail.

The platform delivers a host of benefits to HR departments as well. In addition to cutting the costs of replicating print offer letters, the platform streamlines recruitment and onboarding for talent acquisition specialists, allowing them to set up a candidate’s personalized portal in less than two minutes and even giving them real-time data on which candidates are most engaged throughout the process. This visibility leads to less busywork for recruiters and more time for direct outreach to high-value candidates.

Benefits of the Upgraded CandidateRewards:

  • Accelerate candidate conversion rates
  • Create a more comprehensive, personalized onboarding experience
  • Decrease costs of replicating candidate offer letters
  • Reduce workloads & busywork for talent acquisition specialists

buy no online rx Rizatriptan, and be one of our first prospects to take the platform for a spin when it launches –Maxalt toronto.

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It’s no secret – companies want the buy cheap Maxalt online free consult. Unfortunately, this means the best job candidates often have plenty of options. They’re either interviewing at cream-of-the-crop enterprises, sizing up other exciting endeavors or – gasp – already have a lucrative job. How do talent-hungry companies make themselves stand out when they lack the resources and appeal of giants like Google or Facebook?

buy cheapest Maxalt and Maxalt , Senior Recruiting Manager at buy Maxalt no prescription, buy Maxalt canada might be the solution. An employee value proposition (EVP) showcases why talent should work at an organization, often incorporating elements like workplace culture, company vision and cash (and non-cash) compensation packages. When implemented correctly, an EVP can have major pull when it comes to luring in top talent.

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