Despite a recent spike of front-page news regarding layoffs at some of the world’s biggest names (Google, Amazon, and Microsoft), the job market is still trending toward seekers.

Bottom line: quality candidates still have their pick of where they work and the perks and benefits they demand.

According to the Harvard Business Review, the labor market is still incredibly tight. Despite recent splashy headlines, layoffs remain at an historic low of 1%. This cannot help but embolden job seekers’ confidence when job hunting. Why work for an uninspired old-school business with so many other options out there?

The challenge for today’s HR managers remains: how do they differentiate their worth to recruits in a crowded labor space?

The best way to stand out is to create a more intentional candidate recruitment process that spells out why your company is different through a digital offer experience.

A recent Human Resources Council from Forbes highlighted a 15-point strategy for meeting quality staffing challenges head-on. The Forbes guidance included adding or elevating the following key points in your recruiting efforts:

  • Be super transparent with your compensation package, but do not forget the extras! Things like retirement contributions, tuition reimbursement opportunities, well-being efforts, or child-care costs help paint a bigger picture of how you treat employees.
  • Be bold with your candidate communication strategies. Give candidates a personalized dashboard that highlights why working with your company is a win for them. Customized dashboards showcase your total offer with all the bells and whistles. Increased touchpoints create a better experience all around, make candidates feel seen, and offer an avenue for you to show off a great company culture.
  • Add personalized content to make your offer unique. Ditch boring email threads and stuffy meetings to bring your office the attention it deserves. Instead of telling candidates why they will be happy at your company, show them their own tailor-made digital
    candidate experience. Think cool videos showing a potential candidate around the office or sharing photos from employee volunteer days. The sky’s the limit!
  • Show off your company’s commitment to employee health and well-being. Include things like gym reimbursement, office green space, collaboration opportunities, mental health PTO, and quality healthcare. Basically, show them more than just dollars and cents.

With a digital offer experience, your offer rises above the static PDFs and unmonitored conversations your competitors are having. After all, wouldn’t you rather watch a fun video of happy employees at work than read another boring email?

Creatively built and customizable digital offers can highlight the following for candidates:

  • Big picture compensation: Explain the full value of your offer beyond salary. Cash, benefits, cool perks, retirement contributions, wellness programs — show ‘em what you’ve got!
  • Positive work environments: Use videos, photos, and graphics to exhibit your unique company culture — even introduce candidates to their future team.
  • Core mission and values: Highlight company specifics — where it started, where you’re going, and why the work is important.

Make sure candidates know their experience matters even after they sign on the dotted line. Digital offers pick up right where the recruitment process left off. Double-down on your commitment to your employees with the assurance of an equally communicative compensation experience. Employees utilize the same online total rewards experience come review time, too. They will know exactly what they’re getting, where their career is headed, and see their performance review in real-time.

Need to offer something others don’t? Stay top-of-mind with busy candidates with a unique recruiting experience that tells a larger story. You have a lot to offer future employees. Make sure your offer stands out in a crowded job marketplace.

Where to start?

If you’re thinking about adopting the next great idea in recruiting – or just need help better communicating your current benefits — let’s talk. TotalRewards Software can help connect you and your team with their newest colleague.