Win More of the Best Talent

"Traditional" back-and-forth salary negotiations that showcase boring paper offer letters or PDF compensation diagrams slow down the conversion process. They force candidates to ask more questions and make more considerations – like whether your offer is right for them.
You don’t want candidates thinking your offer is wrong -- you want them buying into all the possibilities of why your offer is RIGHT.

By leveraging an online candidate portal, you can…

  • Accelerate the recruiting process
  • Increase candidate conversions
  • Save your talent acquisition team time and budget

Use CandidateRewards to differentiate your company in the minds of your best recruits and increase your chances of winning the employees you want – and spend less money doing it.

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CandidateRewards – Not Your Everyday Recruiting Portal

HR teams and recruiters of companies large and small are finding many benefits from a dynamic, personalized online candidate portal like CandidateRewards.

  • It’s quick: Create a dynamic online recruiting experience tailored to the employee prospect in just minutes
  • It’s insightful: Use analytics to see how engaging your offer really is by tracking when candidates open it, how often, what sections they view and more.
  • It’s personal: Boost candidate engagement and education by giving candidates a full access to their compensation package
  • It’s efficient: Cut time-to-acceptance periods and the man-hours spent during the process.

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