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  • Challenge: The challenge to Cephalon was multi-faceted: (1) to find a vendor with suitable online technology after previously having a vendor producing less than attractive paper based statements (2) find a vendor with the flexibility to provide a custom look and feel.

  • Challenge: The challenge to AVON Products was three fold: (1) to communicate every aspect of their cash compensation program to district sales managers, (2) present a clear picture of their executives’ pay and equity programs, and (3) find a vendor with the flexibility and expertise to provide a consistent AVON brand.

  • Challenge: The company experienced strong growth and opened a new office in Singapore; it was time to produce Ultratech’s first international compensation statement. The company targeted four overseas offices to receive statements: Singapore, Taiwan, Korea and China.

  • Challenge: MICA decided to issue compensation statements that explained the value of each employee’s benefits package. After a frustrating experience with a different vendor, MICA turned to Total Rewards Software.

  • Challenge: The two-fold challenge was to roll out a global campaign that conveyed the total value of AXIS Capital’s salary and benefits package, while customizing statements to the cultural language of each country.

  • Challenge: The challenge for Transparent Container Company was how to promote total compensation value to a diverse workforce with both English and Spanish speaking employees.


Customer Testimonials

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  • This is the second year Suitt Construction has used [TRS] for benefit and compensation statements. Over the past year the statements have allowed our employees to realize the ‘real costs’ of their benefits and have allowed them to ‘visualize’ how much these benefits are really worth to them and their families. It is so difficult to communicate ‘benefits’ to employees especially when they contribute towards the cost, but it’s wonderful to be able to show them in black and white how much they are really worth! I truly appreciate everything you have done for Suitt!”

    Joye M. Garrett, Benefits Manager

    Suitt Construction – Greenville, SC

  • “Whenever you choose a new product and service provider you never really know if it is going to be a successful venture or not. I am happy to report that our three-year venture with [Total Rewards Software] of providing our employees with a personalized Total Compensation and Benefits Statement has exceeded our expectations. What started out as a simple but important annual communication piece has turned into an extremely effective and valuable on-demand, recruiting tool for prospective employees as well. [TRS’s] excellent product exemplifies their attention to detail and understanding of our desire for excellence. I highly recommend [TRS] to any organization!”

    Robert S. Bryant, VP & Manager of Human Resources

    A. Teichert & Son, Inc. – Sacramento, CA

  • “We received the statements … they looked wonderful. Thanks for everything. It’s been a pleasure. I’m sure we’ll be working together again next year.”

    Kathy Siegfried, PHR, Director, Human Resources

    Northampton Community College – Bethlehem, PA

  • “I actually just completed my project and it went really well. I created a simple compensation statement and it turned out really well and executive management loved it!”

    Matthew Perry, PHR, Human Resources Manager

    Your Community Credit Union – Irving, TX

  • “I would like to express my gratitude to your organization for the accomplishment of getting the personal statements to all the employees of Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union. Your staff did a tremendous job in bringing together all the information we provided and transforming it into a very valuable package, which staff members really appreciate. This year particularly was a challenge, as we threw in and amendment, and you worked with us to provide this additional information expediently. We appreciate your expertise and look forward to working with you to provide future personal statements to our staff.”

    Theresa A. Sarti, Human Resources Specialist

    Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union – San Jose, CA

  • “We have been clients of [Total Rewards Software] for several years and they have consistently provided an excellent product. The staff is very responsive to our needs and they do an outstanding job delivering what we want on time. The benefit statements are easy to read and understand and the employees really appreciate them. I would highly recommend [TRS] to any organization interested in improving the way they communicate with their employees. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication and we look forward to working with you again next year!”

    Janice K. Mizota, VP/Director of Human Resources

    Heritage Commerce Corp – San Jose, CA.

  • “This is the second year CommonWealth Central Credit Union has used [TRS] for benefit and compensation statements. In a volatile employee market any internal marketing a company can do to retain employees is critical. The statements help employees see employer costs and provide the employees with the big picture. I would highly recommend [TRS] as a vendor.”

    Laura Lacomble, Vice President, Human Resouces

    CommonWealth Central Credit Union – San Jose, CA

  • “…the Total Comp Statements look great. Thank you for all of your efforts.”

    Jenny Burdeshaw, Benefits & Compensation Manager

    Houston Healthcare – Warner Robins, GA

  • “When I was assigned this project for our organization I was somewhat skeptical about how this would be achieved seeing it was a project that had been in the works for some time and never completed. Working with TotalRewards Software to get this accomplished was a great experience. Their guidance through the data collection made the process very manageable. The customer service is exemplary! We have now delivered to our employees a valuable tool that we can also utilize for recruitment and retention in the future. I highly recommend this product to any organization.”

    Brenda Lomonaco, HR Applications Administrator

    Lake Forest Hospital – Lake Forest, IL

  • “Thanks for all your work on this project. The statements looked great and the client was very pleased with the end result.”

    Jim Piccirillo, Vice President, Employee Benefits

    SBS, A Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC company – Alpharetta, GA

  • “I’ve had experience working with several online systems to produce compensation and benefits statements, and the Total Rewards platform is the most intuitive and streamlined. In addition, the team was very responsive to our requests and flexible in responding to unique client needs.”

    Margaret Gee, Director of Communications

    The ArlenGroup – San Francisco, CA

  • “The Exec Director at Cal Academy stopped by the benefits manager’s office and personally complemented how ‘clean’ the comp statements look and that the forms were distributed electronically with so much information available when accessed online.”

    Simon Elliot, Human Capital Practice

    Willis Group – Northern California

  • “2003 was our first year working with [Total Rewards Software], and we are extremely satisfied with their service, professionalism, and with their product. Our benefits’ statements were produced ‘on-time’ and [TRS] was responsive and flexible in meeting our needs. Before hearing about [TRS], we tried another company, and seven months later we still did not have any statements. Understandably, we were very apprehensive about working with yet another vendor. However, [TRS] allayed our fears, by responding to our questions ‘same-day’, and by remaining ‘on schedule.’ We are very pleased with our employee benefits’ statements, and I would recommend [Total Rewards Software] to any organization.”

    Leon W. Kochan, Vice President, Human Resources

    MICA – Phoenix, Az.

  • “Moving from a paper statement to the electronic online statement has proven to be a great benefit to our employees. Not only were we able to get the statement out quicker, the information is available to the employees more easily. It was well received by our population! I found [TRS] to be very responsive to our needs. They were able to accommodate our specific requests in a very timely manner. They were helpful in providing us useful ideas for the statement and in making it a professional and useful document. We are looking forward to continue working with [TRS] and would recommend their services to any one looking for a high quality product!”

    Carol Paul, Sr. Benefits Specialist

    PMI Mortgage Insurance Company – Walnut Creek, CA

  • “The implementation process was very simple and the template was very easy to update. Your company generated a very impressive and detailed total comp statement. The staff was very professional and easy to work with.”

    Jeanne Thrift, Compensation and Benefits Manager

    WIKA Instrument Corporation – Lawrenceville, GA

  • “To create total compensation statements, I used to mail merge them in Word. Since I always had 10 odd statements, I ended up creating a different template for each. It used to be a huge hassle and bog my computer down having to generate 800+ statements. is a really easy tool to use. I loved it.”

    Esperanza De La Torre, Human Resources

    Quinn Group, Inc. – City of Industry, CA

  • “I am so glad we found! From the first moment I began speaking with (my account manager), she eased my fears and took the time to explain to me in detail everything about the project I was about to take on. It has been a real pleasure working with her, very professional and courteous. She became an extension of my project. She always goes the extra mile to ensure I understood various aspect of the project, which was very imperative. I cannot think of a time that I called for help that she did not answer the phone! You don’t find that often in customer service. Her attention always made me feel that my project was just as important to her as it was to me. (My account manager) helped me deliver Total Compensation Statements to my employees (over 2,000) with high quality, promptly, without error, and affordable. I am fortunate to have been able to work with a true professional.”

    Barb Motley, Human Resources / Employee Relations Milgard MFG – Tacoma, WA

  • “We have had a wonderful response from our employees. We are still gathering feedback. Since we got such a wonderful response we are planning on doing this next year. Thank you for all your work. The booklets looked great.”

    Stacey Pasquale, H.R. Coordinator

    Raymond Handling Concepts – Fremont, CA

  • “… employees commented that the booklet was convenient as it had all the benefits information in one place. Our company President was also pleased with the way the booklets turned out.”

    Cynthia Fung, Human Resources Supervisor

    Textainer – San Francisco, CA

  • “We particularly liked the flexibility and capabilities of the software. The project success manager literally created edits on-the-fly during web-conferences. Powerful stuff because the client could see their ideas immediately-including those that wouldn’t work. REALLY cut down on the back and forth communications and the client was never left wondering ‘what if we…’ Our goals were significantly exceeded.”

    Simon Elliot, Human Capital Practice

    Willis Group and Accuray – Northern California

  • “Working with [Total Rewards Software] was a great experience. They were responsive to our needs, providing a quality product on time and within budget. Employee response to the year-end statements was very positive. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

    A. John Lamantia, Vice President, Human Resources

    WestFarm Foods – Seattle, WA

  • “[Total Rewards Software] is constantly looking for creative ways to improve their product. We have been doing business with [TRS] for several years and have been very pleased with the statements. Our employees and their families have benefited greatly from the information they received in their personalized statements.”

    Cathy Norvell, Sr. Human Resources Generalist

    Orcon Corporation – Union City, CA

  • “I wanted to thank you for all you did during the benefit statement process. You completed all the changes we requested very quickly. It was a painless and fun project. I enjoyed working with you. We do plan to do this again next year… Thanks again for all your help.”

    Sharon S. Belaschky, PHR

    Porter-Starke Services, Inc. – Valparaiso, IN

  • “We had excellent feedback from our staff in reference to the professionalism and amount of information provided in the statements…”

    Cathy Beckett , Human Resources

    NAMM, the International Music Products Association – Carlsbad, CA

  • “This is my 3rd year working with [TRS] on our annual benefits statement. From my experience with [TRS], they have continuously provided us with excellent customer service and responsiveness. The individualized benefits statements have been a great tool in helping our employees see the the overall value of their benefits. “Thank you [TRS] for all your hard work!”

    Annalyn Madariaga, Benefits Administrator

    American Academy of Ophthomology – San Francisco, CA

  • “Thank you for your generosity and patience as you worked to set up Easter Seals Superior California with its first annual employee benefits summary. During the process of data gathering, sorting, calculating and recalculating, your customer service never faltered. Our goal was to communicate to our employees the employer’s cost for their current benefits in order for them to have a greater understanding of the Organization’s need to implement changes, due to the annual increase in employee benefit costs. And that goal was achieved via an attractive, comprehensive booklet, you personalized for each employee. It has been a pleasure working with [Total Rewards Software] – I highly recommend your product and your people!”

    Jennifer Lubenko, Director of Human Resources

    Easter Seals Superior CA – Sacramento, CA

  • “After several years (and numerous demos) of considering a program to showcase total compensation to our employees, our firm decided to rollout a program one month prior to the start of a new fiscal year. Not only was the cost of the TotalRewards package lower than its competitors, the features of the system and the “no problem” attitude of our representative supported our choice. We were even able to add new fiscal year salary information to each of our employees Total Compensation Statements, making it truly a total package.”

    Dan Hamann, MA, PHR, Human Resources Manager

    Doeren Mayhew & Co. – Troy, MI

  • “Site was easy to use, account rep very responsive to any questions and or changes. Loved the simplicity of the statement in how it clearly conveyed the information. Just the right amount of charts so as not to confuse the employees when they were reading their information.”

    Jill Liegel, Mgr. Compensation & Benefits

    Lands’ End – Dodgeville, WI

  • “Because our provider was unable to meet our tight schedule, we had our broker do a quick market research and ended up with entrusting you, [Total Rewards Software], to create and distribute our yearly Benefits Statements. To say that you met our expectations would be an absolute understatement. Each employee received a personalized Benefits Statement that was attractive, comprehensive and accurate. I was greatly impressed with your working process that began with data gathering in a professional manner and ended up with the timely shipping of the individually packed statements to employees in four different States. Thank you for doing a great job at a very competitive price.”

    Robert P. Mendonca, Benefits Manager

    Shaklee Corporation – Pleasanton, CA

  • “It was a pleasure working with [TRS] on the Total Compensation Statements. This was the first time we were providing these to employees and they were well received by all. The project went smooth without any major complications. The friendly and knowledgeable staff helped make this project a success. I look forward to working with [TRS] in the future.”

    Harry R. Alvia, Sr. Manager, Employee Benefits

    Loews Cineplex Theatres – New York, NY

  • “We have recently had the opportunity to work with [Total Rewards Software] and the service, follow-up, and end product were truly exceptional. Every person we had the pleasure of dealing with was professional and client service oriented. It is without hesitation that I recommend [Total Rewards Software] as a vendor for any benefits services your company needs.”

    Deb Whitworth, SPHR, Vice President

    The Waldron Group – Agusta, Me.

  • “I just want to tell you how impressed we are with [TotalRewards Software]. From the first phone meeting we had to discuss our goals and objectives of the project, to the follow up we are still receiving, [you] have been outstanding. Patience, precision and timeliness are keys to your success. I look forward to working with [TotalRewards Software] in the future.”

    Jackie Diaz, Human Resources/Payroll Manager

    Joseph Phelps Vineyards – St. Helena, CA

  • “Polycom contracted with Total Rewards Software at a very crucial point in time to launch mid-year, point-in-time Total Rewards Statements for the first time. Comprehensive, accurate-and global! -statements with a WOW factor was a goal of top management. The team at Total Rewards were great for getting the whole project off the ground, organizing our efforts and putting all the programs into place. Leveraging their experience and a hands-on/can-do attitude, these programs were more successful than any one of us could have predicted: from idea generation to HTML/Web expertise, to communications and roll-out. The custom nuances we required led to a unique product and our Total Rewards Software project manager became the right arm of the program, working closely with us all along the way. We are getting great feedback. It’s been a success!”

    Lynda Kistler, Human Resources

    Polycom, Inc. – Pleasanton, CA

  • “Overall, the total comp statement was successful. We’ve been receiving good feedback.”

    Charles Rozal , Corporate Compensation

    KLA Tencor – San Jose, CA

  • “The statements were very well received!! Management was very pleased with it! Employees were thrilled and impressed. Thank you so much for all the hard work!!”

    Melinda Joe, Senior HR Generalist – Pasadena, CA

  • “We had a great implementation last year and everyone enjoyed the new on-line comp statements! Thanks so much for all your help in making our implementation a success!”

    Valerie Mahan, HRIS Analyst

    Catalina Marketing – St. Petersburg, FL

  • “Hooooray! We really appreciate the diligence of your team. Thank you so much.”

    Vanessa Brown, Employee Services Program Mgr, HR

    Xilinx, Inc. – San Jose, CA

  • “Working with [Total Rewards Software] was truly an enjoyable experience! This was our third year producing online Total Compensation Statements for approximately 9,000 employees and it couldn’t have gone smoother with the help of [TRS]. [TRS] guided us through the process with excellent organizational and project management skills. They were very responsive and flexible to our requests as well as offering helpful suggestions and creative ideas to produce a high quality, comprehensive statement. Our management and employees were very pleased with the statements and look forward to receiving them each year. We anticipate a continuing relationship with [TRS] and highly recommend their expertise in this area!”

    Kristin Charbeneau, Senior Benefits Analyst

    Anteon Corporation – Fairfax, VA

  • “We had many obstacles to overcome when providing our employees with total compensation statements. We are a multi-national organization, and the differences in currencies and benefits posed several challenges to us. Our representative at TRS, and the entire staff, worked with us to meet these challenges head on. And, to our delight, they managed to improve the process for us the following year! The customer service has been excellent. I highly recommend TRS to any organization that is looking for a true partner!”

    Janet L. Stroobosscher, Human Resources Manager

    LANSA Inc. – Downers Grove, IL

  • “Working with [TRS] in preparation for our company’s first online benefits summary was a very positive experience. The preparation for the online summary was smooth and easier than anticipated by our staff. The [TRS] staff was very helpful in answering our concerns, providing helpful suggestions, and customizing our site. [TRS] kept on the proposed project schedule and delivered ahead of time. The ability for our employees to log on from their office as well as from the privacy of their home to view the value of their entire compensation, was also big plus. More importantly, the employees were able to visualize the employer’s contribution to their entire benefit package. After launching the online statements, the employee response ranged from ‘cool’ to ‘awesome’. Thanks!”

    Karen L. Buell, Human Resources Generalist

    Zone Labs – San Francisco, CA

  • “It has been a pleasure to work with [TRS] on our online benefits statements. You helped make a tedious project easier and the turn around time is incredible. You can see what our employees think below.

    ‘This is so awesome. Congrats!!!’

    ‘I have worked for more than a few companies, some small and some large, and I have to say this is the nicest, easiest to navigate, explanation of benefits I have seen from anyone! Very nicely done!’

    ‘I went into the link at checked it out. Very cool information and a great resource….’

    ‘This is GREAT. Everything right in one place….really helps. Many thanks.’

    Susan Lola, Benefits Manager

    SurfControl – Scotts Valley, CA

  • “This is the third year [TRS] has prepared our annual benefit statements, and I am pleased with the efficient process used this year and the result. Even though we have a large benefit package to communicate, the statements were very thorough, easy to read, attractive and were distributed in record time. Benefits are costly to provide and administer, and it is important that we let our employees know that they are valuable to us and worth the expense and effort. The statements [TRS] prepared do that well, and can also be mailed to employees’ homes so their spouses can be educated, too. Thank you for helping us prepare this valuable tool!”

    Diane Walsh, Director, Human Resources

    Tegal Corporation – Petaluma, CA

  • “We were very pleased with our interactions with the [Total Rewards Software] staff during the preparation for our online benefits statements for our employees and also with the final results. During the preparation phase we needed to make several significant, unanticipated changes and found the [TRS] staff very cooperative and responsive. After we launched the online statements we received numerous compliments from our employees about the ease of online access; the simple, easy to understand format; and also the impact of seeing the magnitude of the companies ‘unseen’ contributions to their total compensation. Having used hardcopy format at prior companies this was our first experience with the online version and it proved to be much more popular with our employees.”

    Greg Martin, Senior Director of Human Resources

    Jamcracker, Inc. – Cupertino, CA

  • “I received my Total Compensation Statement in the mail at home. I was quite impressed with the design and your adherence to our Corporate look and feel. It was one of the best graphic pieces that I have seen produced outside of my office. Great Job!”

    Anonymous, Employee of H.J. Baker

    H.J. Baker & Bro., Inc. – Westport, CT

  • “Thank you for sending me that letter containing information summarizing all of the wonderful ways I am compensated by VPD. It was a welcome reminder that I made the right decision coming to work here. Thanks for taking such good care of us and taking the time to communicate that fact.”

    Anonymous, Employee at VPD

    VPD – Folsom, CA

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Partial Customer List

We have had the good fortune of working with some incredible organizations including:

  • Agriculture
    • Landmark Services Cooperative
    • Ocean Mist Farms
    • Premier Cooperative
    • Riverland Ag
  • Construction
    • Corna Kokosing Construction
    • Broadway Mechanical
    • Doosan
    • Panattoni Construction
    • Saiia Construction, LLC
    • Suitt Construction
    • Teichert, Inc.
    • Winterpark Construction
    • Yearout Mechanical, Inc
  • Education
    • Northampton Community College
    • De La Salle High School
    • Denver Public Schools
    • Galileo Learning
    • Mountain State University
    • Northwest State Community College
    • Smith College
    • St. Francis High School
  • Energy
    • Alyeska Pipeline Service Company
    • Energy Recovery, Inc.
    • Ever-Green Energy, LLC
    • Freeport LNG Development, L.P.
  • Financial, Investment and Banking
    • Advantage Bank
    • Barrington Bank & Trust
    • Beverly Bank & Trust
    • Bridge Bank
    • Cole Taylor Bank
    • CommonWealth Central Credit Union
    • Crestmark Bank
    • Crystal Lake Bank & Trust
    • Federal Home Loan Bank SF
    • First Home Loan Bank of Chicago
    • Fleet One, LLC
    • Flushing Bank
    • Great Western Bank
    • Heritage Commerce Corp
    • Hinsdale Bank & Trust
    • Honor State Bank
    • Income Research and Management
    • Low Income Investment Fund
    • Lake Forest Bank & Trust
    • Libertyville Bank & Trust
    • MB Financial Bank
    • Microfinancial
    • Monterey Bay Bank
    • New Brunswick Investment Management Corporation
    • North American Savings Bank
    • North Shore Bank
    • Northbrook Bank & Trust
    • Pinnacle Federal Credit Union
    • Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union
    • The Comprehensive Group
    • The Provident Bank
    • United Capital Corp.
    • Village Bank
    • Wayne Hummer Investments
    • Western Financial Group
    • Wintrust Financial
  • Healthcare
    • Advanced Medical Management
    • Allied Urological Services, LLC
    • American Urological Association
    • Bay Area Medical Center
    • Cardiovascular Institute
    • Catamaran, Inc.
    • Childrens Hospital – Orange Mission
    • Covenant HealthCare
    • Eagle Physicians and Associates
    • East Alabama Medical Center
    • Eden Medical Center
    • Eye Surgeons of Richmond
    • Golden Rain Foundation
    • Hamilton Health Care System
    • Hoag Hospital
    • Hospital District of Rice County
    • Indiana Regional Medical Center
    • Integrated Medical Professionals, LLC
    • Lake Forest Hospital
    • Littleton Regional Healthcare
    • Macon County General Hospital
    • MartinPoint’s Healthcare
    • Miami Children’s Hospital
    • OnLok, Inc.
    • Prestige Healthcare
    • Puget Sound Gastroenterology PS
    • UroMed, Inc.
  • Hospitality
    • Apple Metro
    • Castle Pines Golf Club
    • Indian Springs Resort and Spa
    • Islands Restaurants, L.P.
    • Liberty Hotel
    • Red Hawk Casino
    • Sycuan Casino
  • Law Firms
    • Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP
    • Covington & Burling LLP
    • Dickstein Shapiro LLP
    • Fenwick & West LLP
    • Greenberg Traurig, LLP
    • Hanson Bridgett LLP
    • Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP
    • Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky & Popeo PC
    • Ropes and Gray LLP
    • Wiley Rein, LLP
  • Life Sciences
    • Avanir Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    • Cephalon
    • Cytokinetics
    • Genomic Health
    • Genoptix Medical Laboratories
    • GHS Data Management
    • Onyx Pharmaceuticals
    • Nektar Therapeutics
    • Nobel Biocare USA, LLC
    • Ranbaxy
    • Shaklee Corporation
    • Victory Pharma, Inc.
  • Insurance
    • American Fidelity Assurance Company
    • Ag States Group
    • Barney & Barney LLC
    • BayPoint Benefits
    • Benefit Planning Group
    • Brady Financial Group
    • CAA Niagara
    • Centene Corporation
    • ClearBenefits.Com, Inc.
    • Corporate Benefit Strategies, Inc.
    • Cretcher Heartland
    • Crum and Forster
    • Crouse & Associates
    • CSAA Insurance Exchange
    • EBS Capstone
    • eHealth Insurance
    • Filice Insurance Agency
    • Foster, Soltoff & Love
    • Gallagher Benefit Services
    • Hoska Insurance
    • Johnson & Dugan Insurance Services
    • Legacy Marketing Group
    • Mid American Group
    • Mutual Insurance Company of Arizona
    • PMI Mortgage Insurance Company
    • Precept
    • Premier Insurance
    • Prestige Employee Administrators, Inc.
    • Sitzmann Morris & Lavis
    • Smallwood Financial
    • The Arlen Group
    • The Board of Pensions
    • The Melita Group
    • USI Insurance Services
    • Wells Fargo Insurance Services
    • Willis
  • Manufacturing and Production
    • Alimak Hek
    • American Renolit
    • Champion Laboratories, Inc.
    • Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd.
    • DMI – Peace River Pulp Division
    • Flavorchem
    • Immucor, Inc.
    • InSinkErator
    • Iwaki America
    • Joseph Phelps Vineyards
    • Louis Vuitton US Manufacturing
    • Maines Paper & Food Service, Inc.
    • Masonic Homes
    • Mcallister Towing
    • Milgard Manufacturing
    • Multifilm Packaging Corp.
    • Nissan Forklift
    • Nortech Waste LLC
    • Northeast Foods
    • Orcon Corporation
    • Overton Gear
    • Panalpina
    • POWER Engineers, Inc.
    • Quinn Company
    • Raymond Handling Concepts
    • SanMar Corporation
    • St Ives, Inc
    • Stacy and Witbeck, Inc.
    • Standard Process
    • Swagelok Northern California
    • The NPD Group, Inc.
    • Transparent Container Company
    • Valin
    • Video Production Distributors
    • Vizio
    • Wausau Paper
  • Municipalities
    • City of Albuquerque
    • City of Ann Arbor
    • City of Palo Alto
    • Douglas County Library
    • Golden Gate National Parks
  • Non-Profit
    • Alemeda Health Consortium
    • American Academy of Ophthalmology
    • Association House
    • Association for Career and Technical Education
    • Boys and Girls Club of SF
    • California Academy of Sciences
    • California Community Opportunities
    • Dallas Opera
    • Easter Seals Superior CA
    • Financial Planning Association
    • Hispanic Scholarship Fund
    • Lawrence Hall Youth Services
    • Low Income Investment Fund
    • NAMM, the International Music Products Assoc.
    • NatureBridge
    • Oakland Zoo
    • Pioneer Center For Human Services
    • Safer Foundation
    • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
    • The San Francisco Foundation
    • YMCA of Greater Boston
    • Youth Outreach Services
  • Professional Services
    • Allen and Gerritsen
    • Aperian Global
    • Berkshire Property Advisors
    • Catalina Marketing
    • Chemistry Communications
    • Cornerstone Research
    • Custom Communications
    • Doeren Mayhew
    • Environ
    • High Cotton Direct Marketing
    • IA Interior Architects
    • Income Research and Management
    • Jacob Associates
    • Javelin
    • Keating Muething & Klekamp
    • Kennedy Jenks Consultants, Inc.
    • Kleinfelder
    • Loomis Sayles & Company
    • Peterson Sullivan LLP
    • Populus Group
    • Shorenstein
    • SESAC Inc
    • Technotrans America
    • The Marco Consulting Group
    • The Waldron Group
    • Wolf & Co.
    • Wright Business Graphics
    • Yodlee
  • Retail
    • Air-Nu of Baton Rouge, LLC
    • Clif Bar
    • Dorfman Pacific
    • Hot Mamas
    • Lands’ End
    • Law Bulletin Publishing Company
    • Legoland
    • Loews Cineplex Theatres
    • Milano Hat Company
    • New Balance Athletic Shoe
    • Rémy Cointreau USA, Inc
    • Rue La La
    • The Gymboree Corporation
  • Technology
    • 8×8, Inc.
    • Align Technology
    • Anteon Corporation
    • Applied Signal Technology
    • Aspect Medical Systems
    • Avon Products
    • Barco
    • Brocade
    • CNET Networks
    • Cobham Analytic Solutions
    • CompTIA
    • EBARA Technologies, Inc.
    • eHealth, Inc.
    • Infinera
    • INOVEC
    • InVision Technologies
    • Jamcracker
    • KLA-Tencor
    • LAM Research
    • Lansa, Inc.
    • Magma Design Automation
    • Marvell Semiconductor, Inc.
    • Ninth House, Inc.
    • PDF Solutions
    • Perforce Software
    • Polycom, Inc.
    • PREMIER System Integrators
    • Press Ganey
    • S.E.M.I.
    • SA Tech
    • Silicon Image, Inc.
    • SurfControl
    • Tagged
    • Tegal Corporation
    • Ultratech
    • VCE Company, LLC
    • Xilinx, Inc.
    • Zone Labs