How a Global Internet Giant Put a New Spin on the Employee Review

GoDaddy has been renowned for its employee-centric culture and competitive benefit packages, but there’s also been a problem: Employees weren’t getting a full picture of either. That’s why the world’s largest Internet domain registrar turned to TotalRewards Software.

“For the first time, we could show employees that a $50,000 annual salary is really closer to $70,000, and here’s why.”
- Matt Toeller, GoDaddy’s Vice President of Total Rewards & HR

Operations In this success story, you’ll learn how TRS helped GoDaddy showcase the most hard-to-quantify elements of its benefit package through a multi-phase total rewards marketing program powered by TotalRewards Builder, leading to higher employee satisfaction and deeper manager-employee relationships.

How Did TRS Help GoDaddy?

  • Reduced TotalRewards Builder roll-out time by 25%
  • Increased total compensation transparency and awareness
  • Quantified GoDaddy-specific benefits with personalized total comp collateral

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