HR is in the trenches and knows the challenges to employee engagement, productivity and retention all too well. Unfortunately, many HR teams are so overworked and understaffed that they lack the bandwidth and resources to address these issues at their root cause: the disconnect between employer and employee. Luckily, HR can get some help right across the hall from the marketing department.

In our new white paper, “HR & Marketing Collaboration Pays Dividends in Employee Engagement,” learn a few key points for collaboration between HR and marketing that lead to higher employee engagement and productivity. You’ll also get some marketing tools, tactics and strategies that could evolve total rewards programs and HR initiatives from being sources of employee communication to being key aspects of employee and candidate “marketing.”

Download "HR and Marketing Pays Dividends in Employee Engagement"Download "HR and Marketing Pays Dividends in Employee Engagement"


Read the white paper for…

  • Insights into what employees and candidates value, and how HR and marketing can market to those values
  • Marketing tips for developing employee-centric total rewards initiatives
  • Tools for better tracking and measuring employee and candidate engagement levels

Despite their different roles, HR experts and marketers often have similar responsibilities – engage and nurture key audiences. With a little collaboration and teamwork, both teams can help companies get the most out of their greatest assets – existing and prospective employees.