Create a feature-rich, web-based experience that shows your top candidates the true value of their total compensation. Promote your company, its mission, and culture alongside the monetary value of your job offer so top candidates view your organization as the Employer of Choice…

"Welcome to a whole new world of total rewards marketing."

“Driven by the competition for candidates and the rising cost of benefits, employers are more interested in communicating total compensation to both current and potential employees.“
Online Recruitment Magazine

Candidate Recruiting Acceleration Platform

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Communicate Full Monetary Value of Job Offer

In most cases. your candidates look at the dollar value of the job offer — without taking into consideration the significant investment your company makes as part of their benefits package. This value can run 30% or more for a typical candidate. Show them the full value of their total compensation in dollars and cents — cash, stock, target incentives, benefits value, retirement contributions and time-off values — all wrapped in a candidate web-experience that’s sure to position your company as the Employer of Choice.

Communicate Full Monetary Value of Job Offer

Convey Imployer Brand

Convey Your Employer Brand

Your employer brand plays a vital recruiting role within your organization. It informs and aligns candidates with your purpose, culture and business aspirations. It inspires, empowers, and unifies. Our platform positions and reinforces your brand while your candidates interact with their personalized portals.

Model Benefit and Retirement Elections

Our platform allows candidates to change the assumptions made in the Calculation logic — specifically employee only health plan coverage and retirement contributions. This flexibility allows your candidates to tailor the total compensation package to their exact situation.

Model Benifit

Personalized Benefit Descriptions

Personalized Benefit Descriptions

Set aside outdated and generic hardcopy benefit plan summaries. Present only those plans that are available to each candidate. Highlight unique compensation programs for executives that won’t display for employees who are not eligible. Our platform acts just like a personalized benefit portal for each of your candidates.


Our Recruiting Acceleration Platform has built-in analytics that provides your recruiters with an unfair competitive advantage. Using our program, your recruiters will know when their candidate logged into their portal, how many times and which pages they spent the most time. This critical insight provides a window into what programs are important to each candidate.


Upload video presentations

Video Content

Let’s face it, video use has expanded dramatically in recruiting. The data will eventually show that videos are the most effective employer branding and candidate selling tools as they allow the viewer to see and “feel” the passion at your company. Our platform allows you to upload videos to present your employer value proposition to candidates. Start with a video welcome message from your CEO and follow that with videos highlighting your culture, mission or core values.

Mobile Ready

Our recruiting platform was built in responsive design so your candidates can view their online statement on any device. The RecruiterIntellingenceTM analytics are viewable from a tablet or smart phone so your recruiters can check in on their candidate’s utilization stats while on the road or working remotely.

Responsive Software

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Employee Testimonials

Candidates like to hear from others within the organization outside of the recruiting department. With our optional Employee Testimonials Module, let your candidates future team members confirm and promote why they work at your company and all the great things associated with your company.

Roles Based Authentication

Our program allows different team members access based on their role. The program includes administrator rights and recruiter rights. The administrator has access to the whole platform and can view all of the recruiters analytics in aggregate. Individual recruiters can only access their candidates and the analytics associated with those candidates.

Roles Based Authentication

Ultimate Software Support

Dedicated Project Success Support

Our solution includes a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will build, train, update and keep your platform running smoothly.

Speed Up Time to Hire

Our Recruiting Acceleration Platform is a dynamic sales tool for recruiters — pure and simple. It is designed to create an incredible candidate experience that conveys the full value of their compensation package along with an understanding of what makes your company the employer of choice. It gets your offers to “yes” faster, so you can close candidates more efficiently and fill positions in the shortest amount of time.

Speed Up Time to Hire

TRS Recruiting Software

Customer Success Story

“Based on the savings we’ve experienced so far, we’re easily looking at a six-figure savings for the fiscal year.”

Michael Krug
Manager, Talent Acquisition
Hoag Hospital


“There’s a curious cumulative effect to putting all this information together. Providing a complete picture of financial compensation, including benefits and perks, right alongside positive aspects about the company packs quite a marketing punch.”