As the year charges through Q2, business objectives and strategic initiatives are part of the conversation inside the executive suite. But it’s in HR where these high-level goals translate into day-to-day results, and effective total compensation marketing can be the driving force.

“Employer-provided education and communication is imperative for employees to better understand and make use of their rewards. Additionally, employers are educating beyond benefits literacy to include topics such as personal finance, health and wellness.”
— Michael Wilson, CEO, IFEBP and ISCEBS

24/7 statement accessibility, real-time ROI delivery and lower employee turnover can be part of your case for a total rewards marketing solution. Read our whitepaper to find out how to get started.

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Why is now the time to enhance human capital management with a total rewards marketing solution?

The Economy is Booming

A stronger economy means there’s stronger competition for talent. For employers, that doesn’t just include new hires either. Existing employees also need to be retained. Without a strategic means for employee recruitment, engagement and retention, companies could face drastic shortages in resources and human capital.

Gen Y Employees Are Leading the Way

Millennials are here to stay, bringing with them an entirely new employee mindset. Whether you like it or not, this Gen Y mindset may require an adapted work environment. Transparency and accessibility to monetary and non-monetary rewards will help you see increased productivity and stability in the world’s largest, most agile generation of workers.

Simpler Solutions Are Needed

You do have plenty of options for improving the way your employees and candidates understand total compensation, but not all of them are good. Purpose-built technology may provide the blend of pragmatism and value you’re looking for to avoid the time and budgetary strains of in-house initiatives or outsourced total rewards management.

Make a High Impact Case for Total Rewards Software

Total rewards marketing challenges also present great opportunities for you to make competitive gains in the way you attract, engage and retain talent. Check out our whitepaper to learn about how you can seize these opportunities.

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