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“Thank you for your generosity and patience as you worked to set up Easter Seals Superior California with its first annual employee benefits summary. During the process of data gathering, sorting, calculating and recalculating, your customer service never faltered. Our goal was to communicate to our employees the employer’s cost for their current benefits in order for them to have a greater understanding of the Organization’s need to implement changes, due to the annual increase in employee benefit costs. And that goal was achieved via an attractive, comprehensive booklet, you personalized for each employee. It has been a pleasure working with [Total Rewards Software] – I highly recommend your product and your people!”

Jennifer Lubenko,   Director of Human Resources  |  Easter Seals Superior CA

“This is my 3rd year working with [TRS] on our annual benefits statement. From my experience with [TRS], they have continuously provided us with excellent customer service and responsiveness. The individualized benefits statements have been a great tool in helping our employees see the the overall value of their benefits. “Thank you [TRS] for all your hard work!”

Annalyn Madariaga,   Benefits Administrator  |  American Academy of Ophthomology

“We had excellent feedback from our staff in reference to the professionalism and amount of information provided in the statements…”

Cathy Beckett,   Human Resources  |  NAMM, the International Music Products Association

“I wanted to thank you for all you did during the benefit statement process. You completed all the changes we requested very quickly. It was a painless and fun project. I enjoyed working with you. We do plan to do this again next year… Thanks again for all your help.”

Sharon S. Belaschky,   PHR  |  Porter-Starke Services, Inc.

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