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“The statements were very well received!! Management was very pleased with it! Employees were thrilled and impressed. Thank you so much for all the hard work!!”

Melinda Joe,   Senior HR Generalist  |  eHarmony.com

“Hooooray! We really appreciate the diligence of your team. Thank you so much.”

Vanessa Brown,   Employee Services Program Mgr, HR  |  Xilinx

“We had many obstacles to overcome when providing our employees with total compensation statements. We are a multi-national organization, and the differences in currencies and benefits posed several challenges to us. Our representative at TRS, and the entire staff, worked with us to meet these challenges head on. And, to our delight, they managed to improve the process for us the following year! The customer service has been excellent. I highly recommend TRS to any organization that is looking for a true partner!”

Janet L. Stroobosscher,   Human Resources Manager  |  LANSA Inc

“Working with [TRS] in preparation for our company’s first online benefits summary was a very positive experience. The preparation for the online summary was smooth and easier than anticipated by our staff. The [TRS] staff was very helpful in answering our concerns, providing helpful suggestions, and customizing our site. [TRS] kept on the proposed project schedule and delivered ahead of time. The ability for our employees to log on from their office as well as from the privacy of their home to view the value of their entire compensation, was also big plus. More importantly, the employees were able to visualize the employer’s contribution to their entire benefit package. After launching the online statements, the employee response ranged from ‘cool’ to ‘awesome’. Thanks!”

Karen L. Buell,   Human Resources Generalist  |  Zone Labs

““It has been a pleasure to work with [TRS] on our online benefits statements. You helped make a tedious project easier and the turn around time is incredible. You can see what our employees think below.

‘This is so awesome. Congrats!!!’

‘I have worked for more than a few companies, some small and some large, and I have to say this is the nicest, easiest to navigate, explanation of benefits I have seen from anyone! Very nicely done!’

‘I went into the link at checked it out. Very cool information and a great resource….’

‘This is GREAT. Everything right in one place….really helps. Many thanks.’”

Susan Lola,   Benefits Manager  |  SurfControl

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