Today’s burgeoning job market favors job-seekers, increasing the need for employers to recruit, retain and engage employees. Due out now, our new TotalRewards Software statement solution enables companies of all sizes to do just that by giving them the tools to make employee value fully transparent and accessible – which has benefits for both employees and employers. Read our full press release here.

More than being an upgrade from the original total compensation application, our new total rewards statement platform is the result of keeping an ear to the grindstone of evolving employee expectations to see their total value expressed in more than just dollars and cents. But, as much as our new total compensation statement solution has to offer employees, it has just as much to offer employers, namely improved analytics so execs and managers can better market their total rewards programs and track ROI.

Here are some of the features of our new platform that both employees and employers will enjoy.

User-Friendly Interface
Faster, more intuitive and more flexible are easy ways to describe the new platform. A more detailed description would be that it’s user-friendly configuration and customization features allow you to address your company’s particular hiring and employment needs with the necessary value communication.

“Total Compensation” in Every Sense of the Phrase
With employees craving value and purpose that goes beyond their salary, companies need ways to deliver that to them. Enter our new statement solution. Not only can you clearly communicate your workers’ breakdown of salary and benefits, you can also show them their value through areas like work/life balance and career advancement.

The Edge in Recruiting Talent
Employees aren’t the only ones who want to feel valued – candidates do too. That’s why our new total rewards statement solution allows employers to add to their recruiting toolbox a platform for showing potential employees just how much they’ll be getting if they choose a career at your company.

No More Limits on Free Usage
“Free” truly does mean unlimited when you work with TotalRewards Software. By signing up for our Free Edition, you no longer have a cap on the number of employee records you can produce, which was limited to 50 with our previous application.

The new total compensation platform is launched, the word is out and the benefits of a holistic total rewards statement solution are in plain sight. Want to give it a try? Register for our Free Edition now!