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Free Edition

More than 2,000 employers have opted to use the free edition of Total Rewards Package, a cloud platform. It enables you to plan, set up, build, design, and produce statements for your employees.


Include the benefit programs of your company’s unique plan, like tax savings or cash benefits. Select any style and layout for your statement, and you are good to go.

TRS Building Software

TRS html Editor


Add content like welcome messages, footers, and introductions using our HTML editor.


Easily drag-and-drop your corporate logo, executive signature, and images and add your brand to your statements. You can also select company colors and chart options.

TRS Software Branding

TRS Software Spreadsheets


Total Rewards Package has a data upload utility. It enables you to quickly and easily upload your employee’s data in the format of a spreadsheet. You can print or go live with the statements.

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Professional Edition

The Professional edition of Total Rewards Package provides with more features like account support, a pool of options for layouts and styles, and project implementation support. Organizations can also use this edition for recruiting.

Success Management

To make sure that you have the required program support, knowledge about project best practices, and ways to use the platform, we provide you a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

TRS Dedicated Software Support

TRS Software Analysis

Promote, Measure, Analyze and Report.

We offer success modules to guarantee your project’s success. Modules include Analytics, Tracking, Survey/Feedback, Personalized FAQ, HR Executive Reporting, and Promotion.

Accelerate your recruiting.

Accelerate your recruiting process by creating candidate rewards statements for each of your top job candidates. Your recruiters will love this amazing and valuable tool.

TRS Recruiting Software

TRS Software Online Templates

More Branding Choices.

Our Pro edition includes various print and online statement style varieties for your statements.

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Ultimate Edition

Ultimate edition is the next level of the professional edition of Total Rewards Package. It is best for organizations who wish to have a completely outsourced or custom solution.

The Ultimate in Dedicated Support.

In our Ultimate edition, we also provide a high-level Project Manager, responsible for managing both our internal team as well as our customer’s team. Additionally, we will ensure the project implementation stays on track.

Ultimate Software Support


Data Management — We’ve Got Your Back.

Data management is important, but we also understand the complexity of it. So with our Ultimate edition, your Customer Success Manager will be responsible for validating, merging, calculating, testing, QA, and upload of the complete data onto the platform.

Access On Any Device.

Our Ultimate edition allows customers and their employees to view their statements from any device, as Total Rewards Package is built and designed with mobile and tablet responsiveness in mind.

Responsive Software

TRS Global Software Platform

Global statements.

Our platform, Total Rewards Package, is currently serving our clients in forty countries, on five continents, and in fourteen languages. So you can make the most of it in the language of your choice.

Video Content.

If you have our Ultimate Edition, you can easily upload up to three promotional videos to your platform. The videos can consist of a welcome message from your CEO, or your brand’s mission or vision. Use these videos to strengthen your brand’s identity with your current employees.

Upload video presentations

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But wait…there’s even more.

Additional Features
  • Roles Based Authentication
  • Ability to Upload Refreshed Data Frequently
  • Multi-currency and Local Language
  • Printing, Fulfillment and Mailing Services

  • Other Compensation Module
  • Retirement Calculator
  • Stock/Equity Module
  • Archived Statement Module

Technology Options
  • Custom Programming Services
  • SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On Integration
  • HRIS/Payroll Data Integration
  • Sandbox Testing Instance

CandidateView Add-Ons
  • Calculation Engine
  • RecruiterIntelligenceTM Analytics