As you get started on your total rewards project, we want to make sure you take the time to familiarize yourself with our newest features. Want a little help? Listen to our users!

Take a look at our users’ five favorite TotalRewards Builder features as you look to create the most engaging total compensation statements your employees have ever seen.

Custom Design

Using our design settings, you can make your statements fly off the page with custom colors, charts and images that engage employees while communicating your company’s vision and brand. You can even upload your own pictures to produce statements that highlight your company’s uniqueness and personality.

Benefit Additions

Put a whole new spin on “total compensation” by including monetary and non-monetary compensation in your employees’ statements. While salary, retirement and tax savings paint a great picture of a worker’s value, they might not reflect the whole thing. Add benefit programs like career advancement opportunities, work-life balance, health and wellness, and more to show employees just how much value they receive from your company.

Unlimited Statements

There will be no shortage of rewards around your company as long as you take advantage of TotalRewards Builder’s unlimited total rewards statement feature. Now you can make sure every employee generation has an accurate, comprehensive look at the rewards they take home.

Custom Content Creation

Use your statements to reflect your company’s philosophy and vision by creating your own welcome letter and description content. Personalized content is a great way to let employees know their total comp statement tells their story and not just that of a general employee.

Group Settings

A user-friendly dashboard and click-and-type features make organizing your employees’ custom statements by individual, group, branch or department fast, easy and accessible.

Ready to try these cool features out for yourself? Go to your project now and get started!

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