There’s no science to boosting productivity in the workplace. Sure, there are plenty of time management hacks, innovative gamification techniques, and even ancient Buddhist practices that may help employees be more productive, but many companies are still struggling to move the needle. That’s why some are starting to offer more unusual employee benefits.

Maybe it’s time enterprises take a turn for the weird, the strange and the uncanny in order to achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency. Actually, plenty of organizations already have!

Check out Business News Daily’s list of 15 unusual employee benefits being used by companies across the globe to drive productivity, engagement and retention in employee circles.

Here’s a look at a few of the most unusual:

No Work Hours

At Netflix, they don’t even track work hours or vacation time. As long as employees get their jobs done, executives don’t care when they’re in the office.

In-House Doctors

Google is renowned for its innovative employee benefit packages, but many might find its commitment to employee wellness truly unusual. Not only does the tech giant have on-site doctors, it also houses healthcare specialists like chiropractors and massage therapists.

Snow Days

Who said snow days were only for restless grade-schoolers? At Burton, blizzards and white-outs give employees the chance to blow off work and take advantage of their company-issued ski passes.

Interested in seeing what other unusual employee benefits are out there? Get the rest of the 15 in the full article here.

How Unusual Is Your Employee Benefit Package?

Clearly, out-of-the-box benefits can make a difference for companies when it comes to achieving higher levels of innovation and productivity. Rather than leveraging “same old, same old” total compensation statements, it may pay for organizations to consider how they can tailor their benefit packages to what motivates their employees, even if it involves getting a little unusual.

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