Companies are making major strides when it comes to innovating workplace culture – some are even injecting their companies with a little eastern philosophy! Still, unhealthy workplaces exist, and to prevent their organizations from suffering costly employee churn and gaining a bad rap on Glassdoor, business leaders need to know when their workplace culture is taking a turn for the toxic.

TalentCulture founder and CEO – and TotalRewards friend! – Meghan M. Biro recently listed the four signs of a toxic workplace. Take a look – hopefully you don’t spot any of them at your company!

1.      High Entry- and Mid-Level Turnover

Do your lower-level employees tend to stay for a few months and then bolt? That may be a sign your culture is missing something, especially since entry-level workers tend to be millennials who often crave different workplace values than their older colleagues.

2.      Fruitless Recruiting

The job market is hectic and there are literally millions of job openings. If you’re an organization that’s struggling to fill positions, is it really that all the best candidates are taken, or could it be something about your company, employer brand or candidate experience is turning them away?

3.      Grumpy Workers

Water-cooler gossip may shed the greatest light on a workplace culture’s deficiencies. Are employees generally happy? What do they complain about? Do they feel undervalued? Business leaders may be able to learn a lot about their organization by loitering around the water cooler more often.

4.      Stuck in the Status Quo

Are new processes and organizational changes met with resistance at your company? This could be a sign that employees don’t trust their employer or may even feel their company isn’t looking out for their best interests. Either way, too much resistance to change is a sure-fire sign of a toxic workplace culture.

Be sure you know how to sniff out a toxic workplace culture before it drives your employees and candidates out the door. Read Meghan’s full article for more insights and expertise.

There’s No Easy Fix for a Toxic Workplace Culture

Developing a positive workplace culture takes time, and there’s no set formula for accomplishing it. Forward-thinking companies are acknowledging how important culture is to today’s talent, identifying shortcomings within their organizations, and implementing solutions that lead to higher engagement and retention.

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