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The next evolution of CandidateRewards is almost here, bringing with it a variety of new tools for busy recruiters, HR pros and talent acquisition specialists. While the first version of the platform gave employers a major edge in making candidate recruiting and onboarding more streamlined and engaging, our new version offers a whole new set of features designed to accelerate the recruiting process, boost candidate conversion rates and cut costs for talent acquisition teams.

Here are four of the most innovative features of the upgraded CandidateRewards platform:

stats2Behavioral Analytics

Easily track and measure your candidates’ engagement levels throughout the recruitment and onboarding process with our new analytics dashboard. Get clear metrics on how often candidates are logging into their personalized portal, which pages they view and where they’re spending the most time.

Not only do you get a clearer picture of which of your candidates are most engaged throughout recruitment and onboarding, but you also can glean valuable insight into which elements of your total compensation package and employer value proposition are most enticing.


TRS Recruiting SoftwarePersonalized Benefits

This communication feature enables you to personalize the benefit content and messaging inside a candidate’s portal based on their job level, eligibility and even interest areas. This equips you to do away with outdated or generic print benefit summaries that have little impact on candidate engagement – and the costs of creating, delivering and duplicating them. The content dashboard is also fully interactive, so your candidates can model their benefit elections, view different election scenarios and gauge how those scenarios affect their total compensation picture.

CandidateRewards Personalized Messaging


Upload video presentationsInteractive Marketing Tools

Use videos, links to local community resources and targeted messages from various department leaders. These built-in total rewards marketing tools help you conveniently promote and educate your candidates on the most important elements of your employer brand, such as company history, mission, value proposition and workplace culture. This gives your organization full control over its first impression on a candidate and “tell its story” right.

CandidateRewards Video

Communicate Full Monetary Value of Job OfferCustom Total Compensation

Deliver your candidate a personalized summary of their total compensation package, breaking out the most impactful elements including cash, target bonuses or commissions, retirement plan values, time-off and other non-monetary programs. This summary gives your candidates a clear picture of their total compensation package should they join your organization and helps them consider more than just the direct pay figure many employers promote in their candidate offer letters.

CandidateRewards Custom Compensation


…And those are only four of the platform’s new upgrades – we didn’t even touch on our new employee testimonial module, role-based access feature or dedicated customer success network.

Stay tuned for how-to’s for the platform’s tools, updates on other new CandidateRewards features, and feedback from our beta testers on which aspects of the solution they’re finding most game-changing.

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