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Communicate and Market All Aspects of Total Rewards

TotalRewards Software elevates the simple and dated total compensation statement to a fully interactive, personalized and branded online portal. Our platform empowers your human resource and recruitment departments with a highly effective marketing tool to engage, promote, report and delight all levels of your organization.

Promote Your Campaign

Successful promotions is the key to achieving your total rewards marketing goals. Our integrated promotional features can help you send automated and targeted emails to different groups to help drive employee adoption and utilization.

Educate Your Employees

Use our total rewards marketing software to engage and educate employees about your company’s direct pay, incentive programs, benefits, work/life and rewards and recognition programs. Enter any number of rewards on your total compensation statements. Present your full employee value proposition quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Analyze Your Campaign

Analyze key performance metrics to evaluate your project’s success and drive maximum results.

  • View all your email promotions and drill down for detailed tracking
  • Measure campaign effectiveness by creating custom surveys
  • Collect and analyze those responses for valuable employee feedback
  • Track utilization and engagement in aggregate and over time

HR Executive Reporting

By having all of your total compensation data in one system, you can strategically re-purpose and report on that data.

  • Use graphs to observe high-level compensation data
  • Drill down to individual rewards programs
  • Prepare and share the report with key executives
  • Position your HR team as a strategic business partner

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Human Resources

Present, communicate, and market the true value of total rewards to your employees.
Connect and retain your employee population with a personalized total rewards solution. Learn More

Talent Acquisition

Elevate your recruitment and market the individual employee proposition of your organization to candidates.
Distinguish your company with a personalized total rewards engagement platform. Learn More


Empower your clients to fully communicate and market their investment into their employee population
Differentiate your offerings with customized, fully branded total rewards marketing tool. Learn More

Effectively Market Total Rewards to Delight All the Levels of Your Organization

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