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Users’ Top 5 TotalRewards Builder Features

As you get started on your total rewards project, we want to make sure you take the time to familiarize yourself with our newest features. Want a little help? Listen to our users!

Take a look at our users’ five favorite TotalRewards Builder features as you look to create the most engaging total compensation statements your employees have ever seen.

Custom Design

Using our design settings, you can make your statements fly off the page with custom colors, charts and images that engage employees while communicating your company’s vision and brand. You can even upload your own pictures to produce statements that highlight your company’s uniqueness and personality.

Human Resources: The New Total Rewards Marketing Solution

HR total rewards marketing solution platform

Recruiting, engaging and retaining talent in today’s wide-open job market just got tougher: 70% of workers say they’re motivated by more than their salary. This presents a new challenge to HR specialists wearing the human capital management hats.

If employees are valuing different things at work, their total compensation statement should reflect this. For the HR team, it’s no longer a question of relaying an employee’s total rewards – it’s a question of communicating the rewards workers value the most. To answer that, HR professionals need to swap hats with their marketing team and envision a total rewards marketing solution.

HR Makes the Case with a Total Rewards Statement

With reports that seven out of ten employees aren’t engaged at work, evidence is mounting to show that a modern company’s fight to engage and retain employees starts in HR – and exhibits A, B and C do even more to add to that fact:

  • Only 30% of employees are motivated by money
  • A stronger economy means there’s growing competition for talented workers
  • Millennials, who will soon be the majority in the global workforce, expect shorter job stints and clearer value communication

While HR professionals see these challenges in living color and know that a centralized total rewards statement is the best remedy, executives may not. It’s up to HR to build a case for it. Luckily, we’ve developed a PowerPoint that will not only help HR professionals build their case for why a total rewards solution can help, but also super charge its impact so executives will have no choice but to be convinced. Take a quick look to see how the ideas in our PowerPoint can help you start prepping your total rewards software case to deliver maximum impact.