On September 9, Chipotle looked to hire 4,000 workers in one day – and they did. The burrito chain hired 1,800 workers, and another 2,400 have been called back for second interviews, increasing the company’s workforce by 6.7 percent.

Overall, 60,000 people applied for jobs on the Chipotle website during that hiring push. Why so many? For a fast-food franchise, Chipotle has great benefits. Beginning employees may only start out at $10 an hour, but they are eligible for a 401(k) soon after hiring. Earlier this summer, employees gained access to paid vacation and tuition reimbursement benefits.

Chipotle also gives its enthusiastic burrito makers a pretty decent career path…

  • On average, dedicated workers go from entry-level to general manager in under two years
  • This translates to a hike in pay from $10/hr. to a $67,000 annual salary
  • 95% of management positions come from internal promotions
  • Over the past year, Chipotle promoted 10,000 entry-level workers to management roles

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