Alabama’s “Truth in Salary Act” is yet another sign that total compensation transparency is trending upward. As research continues to show that pay transparency has a growing influence on job satisfaction and retention, organizations – public and private – are searching for new, innovative ways of injecting transparency into their total compensation packages. Meanwhile, some software companies are making it easier for organizations to deliver total compensation transparency. Enter TotalRewards Software!

We’re proud to announce that TotalRewards is the newest sponsored partner of InCommon, an identity management federation. Operated by Internet2, InCommon provides a secure and privacy-preserving trust fabric for public institutions that use Shibboleth as a single sign-on portal for their applications, giving these institutions direct access to TotalRewards as an exclusive vendor.

You can learn more about InCommon and its partnership program here.

What Does the TotalRewards/InCommon Partnership Mean for Public Institutions?

New Levels of Support

InCommon users gain on-demand access to an exclusive support portal monitored by our TotalRewards team. This all-access support makes it easier for institutions that may be considering tactics and solutions for delivering compensation transparency to connect with our specialists and get key questions answered.

Innovation & Service

In addition to having access to our team as a total compensation sounding board, InCommon users also gain access to our full suite of resources and solutions. In just a few clicks, institutions can browse our Resource Library, tour TotalRewards Builder and CandidateRewards, and even get a live demo of the platforms from our solution specialist!

Trust, Trust, Trust

As a certified InCommon partner, TotalRewards has developed strong relationships with the InCommon executive team and other certified partners, meaning that when institutions connect with TotalRewards, they gain access to an entire network of specialized enterprises, institutions and agencies.

A Transparent Future for Public Institutions

If the “Truth in Salary” Act is any indicator, total compensation transparency is only gaining in importance among organizations. Partnering with InCommon is our way of making total compensation transparency more accessible for institutions and enterprises.

Take a tour of the TotalRewards solution suite to check out some of the tools we have for increasing compensation transparency at your organization.