Get Buy-in for Rewards Programs with Executive Reports

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The hard work of a human resources professional isn’t always easy to see. We know how hard you work, but the executive suite doesn’t really get to see an HR specialist check in on the needs of employees – from benefits packages and payroll to special amusement park promotions. It’s not that leadership doesn’t care – they just don’t have the time and experience in HR. While the C-suite may know how to make sense of it all, it doesn’t mean your execs can’t see your efforts at work.

Your execs may not be “in the trenches” with you, but you can give them the facts they need to understand the importance of rewards programs and employee engagement in an easily-digestible report with TotalRewards Builder Pro edition. With the right data and reports, they’ll see just how hard-working – and efficient – HR really is.

What You Get with the Executive Report Feature

  • Easy-to-read breakdowns of your company’s total compensation initiatives – available with the click of a button
  • Data from multiple databases, cutting down on report turnaround times
  • Tracking and measurement of internal KPIs helps fight talent attrition

Reviewing where HR dollars are being spent – and their connection to HR performance – helps execs see just how much HR is “killing it” on a day-to-day basis.

What’s in the Executive Report Feature?

  1. Log into your TotalRewards Builder Pro edition.
  2. Under “Dashboard”, click “Compensation”.
  3. After receiving a quick overview of your company’s compensation, click on “Print” to create a total compensation report designed for the eyes of the executive suite.
  4. Scroll through the report to review an executive summary with pie charts and breakdowns of cash compensation, employer paid benefits and other HR initiatives. The exec suite will easily be able to review criteria like “Grand Totals”, “Number of Participants”, “Participation Rates”, and “Company Average”.
Clear breakdowns of participation  numbers and rates show executives where the company is seeing the most HR wins.

Clear breakdowns of participation numbers and rates show executives where the company is seeing the most HR wins.


If you’re ready to get reports that the company leadership needs to see, request a free trial of TotalRewards Builder Pro. Show the exec suite just how hard you work every day, and how your efforts are key drivers of company talent and rewards initiatives.