Transparent Talent AcquisitionToo often, transparency in the talent acquisition process is like Big Foot – much talked about but rarely, if ever, seen. Josh Reeves, CEO of Gusto, just published his five keys to putting workplace and recruiting transparency into action, which include providing frequent feedback to employees and candidates and holding more “AMA” (ask me anything) meetings. Check out the article in Entrepreneur for Reeves’ full run-down.

Creating a Transparent Talent Acquisition Process

The best time to establish transparent talent acquisition and retention processes? As soon as an employee or candidate walks through your company’s door. Using HR materials like offer letters and total rewards statements is the best place to start.

What do offer letters and benefit packages have that help create a transparent, employee-first company culture?

  • Empathetic, candidate-centric messaging
  • Engaging design and rich media formats
  • Intuitive, mobile-friendly interfaces

Take a look at how some companies have already started adapting their talent acquisition processes to be more transparent and empathetic.