Sometimes you really just have to sit back and marvel at all the things the modern HR professional has to do. Payroll, benefits, employee outreach programs… the list just goes on and on. It can be tricky juggling all these initiatives at once – something as essential as setting up and learning the ins and outs of a new total compensation reporting system can get lost in the shuffle. With 10 or more things to do every day, do you really have time to master a new software and integrate it with your existing systems?

If you’re looking for ways to gain efficiency in a key HR area, sending the management of a total compensation statements solution to a trusted third party could give you some flexibility. That’s why TotalRewards Software offers a fully managed total rewards solution, which includes a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Installing New Software Shouldn’t Take Up Valuable Time

We’ve all heard the horror stories that come with installing a new piece of software, and we’ve likewise been through the trouble of a software error that takes valuable time away from our core competencies. But when your company is designing and implementing your TotalRewards Builder Ultimate edition, your Customer Success Manager can take care of everything.

What do you get by choosing a fully managed total compensation program?

  • Strategic advisement on designing and setting up the program
  • Best practices and lessons-learned from numerous other installations and programs
  • Software implementation assistance to reduce your HR and IT workload
  • Responsive service and troubleshooting to keep your software online

We’ll Cross the T in Data for You

Validating, merging, and calculating data in Excel spreadsheets is a thing of the past. The TotalRewards Builder Ultimate experience takes care of creating detailed executive reports for you – and it even provides usage statistics so you can see how effective your HR initiatives really are.

But what if you don’t have the time to upload the data and Q&A the entire process? With the Ultimate edition, you don’t have to. We’ll take care of managing benefits, payroll and other HR info for you so you can turn your attention back to your employees’ day-to-day needs.

Let Us Enable Your Total Compensation Success Today

A fully managed total rewards solution combines the power of our versatile compensation tracking and reporting software with the efficiency and expertise of professional services. It’s like having a dedicated TotalRewards Software power user right under your roof. If you haven’t already, request a free trial of TotalRewards Builder Pro and see first-hand how a Customer Success Manager can enable your total compensation success.