Online Platform Showcases Full Value of an Employment Offer to Give Businesses the Upper Hand Amid Talent Shortage

ROCKLIN, Calif.  – Dec. 1, 2021 – TotalRewards Software, the first online total rewards marketing platform, is providing their digital offer experience feature set, CandidateRewards Xpress (CRX), at no cost to users for their hardest-to-fill position.

CandidateRewards Xpress allows companies to customize an interactive candidate portal that goes beyond a traditional offer letter to present a comprehensive picture of cash and non-cash rewards, benefits, company values, and more. On the backend, real-time data and behavior analytics accessed through the employer dashboard provide actionable insight that can help close candidates faster.

According to a recent article, 54% of companies globally report talent shortages—the highest in over a decade. This shortage is also causing a shift in the relationship between employee and employer. Employees are now in a position of control, leaving companies with a greater need to understand changing priorities of their job candidates to be competitive.

With the “Great Resignation” seeing nearly 4 million people leaving their jobs each month, companies must do more to showcase the breadth of compensation, perks, and benefits they offer to stand out.

“There are many factors at play in the talent shortage, including generational shifts, skills gaps, the post-pandemic workforce awakening,” said Ray O’Donnell, president of TotalRewards Software. “In the aftermath of this unprecedented gap between job openings and available talent, companies are favoring a digital offer experience over the bland, static offer letter to win top talent.”

To aid in the quest to demonstrate the importance of digital offer experiences, companies are now able to get a free trial of Total Rewards’ digital offer experience platform at no cost for their hardest-to-fill role. Through the process of creating a digital offer with CRX, companies can prove the value of the platform before making the full investment of time and resources away from manual offers.

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About Total Rewards: Total Rewards has been communicating total rewards using their web-based platform since 2007. Their principals, however, have been communicating total compensation since 1991. Though the terminology has changed over the years – from hidden paychecks, employee benefit statements, and total compensation statements to the more recent total rewards statements – their goal remains the same. Provide fanatical customer support with a product that communicates an organization’s financial value proposition to their employees, new hires, candidates and executives.

Press Contact: Joy Milkowski,