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Reinvent how you close candidates.

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Engage, amaze and close your top candidates like never before with CandidateRewards™, the first customized and interactive candidate experience platform for each of your top candidates. Create an engaging and personalized portal that presents a comprehensive picture of your candidate’s cash and non-cash rewards while positoning your organization as the clear Employer of Choice with timely videos, graphics and personalized content about your history, mission, core values and unique culture.
Real-time data and behavior analytics provide actionable insight into the level of your candidate’s engagement as well as those aspects of your rewards package they value the most. Learn how leading edge organizations are leveraging CandidateRewards to engage, amaze and provide a powerful candidate experience that helps close their top talent faster.

Key Features

What will CandidateRewards Do For You?

Boost candidate engagement with an amazing candidate experience

Increase offer acceptance for your hard-to-fill positions

Reduce time-to-hire and close more candidates

Gather real-time behavior that helps your understand your candidates

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