It’s official: Google is now favoring mobile-friendly sites. Mobilegeddon has come and gone, but could its shockwaves still be affecting your ability to attract and engage job candidates?

43% of smartphone owners are using their mobile devices to get job information, and 18% are actually submitting applications via mobile. This increase in mobile job-hunting in an already competitive employment market means talent-hungry companies without a mobile-friendly recruiting process could go starving.

To keep your company’s

talent appetite satisfied, here are a few tips for mobilizing your recruiting process:

Speed Up Time to HireKeep it Fast, Easy and Painless

Job-seekers are busy, on the move and under the gun to find a source of income. The last thing they’re going to want is a clunky and complex recruiting process. Stripping your recruiting effort down to the bare essentials and enhancing them with fast, easy and digestible information is a great start to mobile-friendly recruitment.

Play the Role of the CandidateTRS Recruiting Software

Trade shoes with your candidates. User test the application process on your mobile device and see if you would be inclined to pursue the job. Assessing your recruiting sites, pages and applications for yourself gives you a first-hand look at what’s working, what’s failing and how you can improve the process.

Responsive SoftwareOptimize for All Mobile Devices

A page that renders well on a smartphone may not look nice on a tablet. Whether you’re equipping a site with a one-button application feature or using a mobile-responsive design that translates candidate information clearly and accessibly, you need to optimize your process for all devices recruits can hold in their hands.

Changing Times Need Changing Perspective

If Mobilegeddon’s impact on employee recruitment tells us one thing, it’s that the tactics and tools needed to attract talent are evolving – companies must evolve too. Taking steps to create a mobile-friendly recruiting process and better engage candidates and employees could make measurable differences for your company’s success.

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