How New Total Compensation Statements Led to Six Figures in Savings for a Leading California Hospital

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian was facing two debilitating challenges to employee recruitment and retention:

1. Attracting people who meet their providers’ specialized needs

2. Delivering competitive compensation packages in Orange County’s high-cost environment

That was before they leveraged TotalRewards Builder. Read this exclusive case study to find out how, in just one short year, TotalRewards Software helped Hoag streamline onboarding and simplify total compensation management to unlock new levels of savings and hiring results.

The TotalRewards Builder platform helped Hoag do what?

Ultratech’s overseas employees now understand the “big picture” of their salary and benefits – and the company successfully conveyed the value of its compensation and rewards package.

1. Achieve six figures in savings over one fiscal year 2. Attract over 1,400 new employees 3. Reduce candidate recruitment and onboarding times

Read the full story now, then we’ll show you how Hoag achieved these unbelievable results in a free demo of TotalRewards Builder!