Summer may be just around the corner, but TotalRewards Software isn’t planning on taking a vacation anytime soon. We’ve added a few cutting edge enhancements to our total rewards marketing software solution, and you can expect many more to come.

Among TotalRewards Builder’s new features are conditional content and targeted messaging capabilities, which enable you to increase employee engagement with personalized welcome messages and custom images. Log in to your Free Edition project now to start personalizing your employee experience! Pro and Ultimate Edition users can even customize entire benefit sections for specific employee groups like executives, managers, union and non-union workers.

Don’t worry that you’re sacrificing clarity for customization with these new features, either. Upgraded display settings mean you can boost the user-friendliness of your total compensation statements with highly configurable financial tables that organize benefits like Stock/Equity options, Pensions and Voluntary Benefits in the clearest fashion for your employees.

TotalRewards Builder’s New Features at a Glance

  • Conditional content and targeted messaging
  • Custom image uploads
  • Employee group customization based on department, team or geographic area
  • Upgraded financial display tables

If you’re ready to get acquainted with these new platform features and boost employee engagement with greater personalization and user-friendliness, take a look at our TotalRewards Builder editions and request a quote.