Women make up nearly half of the workforce, and over 70% are dedicated to another full-time job: being a mother. As competitive and fast-paced as the modern work environment can be, working moms are facing a greater challenge than ever – trying to balance the demands of their personal and professional lives. Is your company taking steps to be a steadying influence?

Take a look at the five things working mothers are seeking from their employer as you consider ways to keep talented moms happy and engaged at work.

1. Pay Equality

Believe it or not, pay equality is still an issue in 2015. Women make approximately 80% of what men in similar positions make, and that doesn’t begin to include the 24/7/365 shift they put in as mothers.

2. Paid Parental Leave

Did you know the U.S. is the only industrialized nation on the planet that doesn’t offer paid leave for new parents?

3. Flexible Work Schedules

When work hours start contending with children’s schedules, something’s got to give. Employers have the power to make this less of a trade-off.

4. Advancement Opportunity

The stigma that women prioritize their future as a mother over their career path is a red hot myth. Like any other ambitious professional, working mothers want advancement – they just need to be shown that it’s an option.

5. Help at Home

Working mothers still manage 60% of the domestic responsibilities at home. Imagine the potential that could be unlocked if they had a little help.

Learn more about what working mothers want in their nine-to-five job by checking out PayScale’s full article. When you’re done, see the ways you can enhance how you communicate value to the women of your company and how a total rewards marketing solution could be the right tool for doing so.