The Pew Research Center released a study comparing the value of paid leave against other workplace benefits and whether paid leave initiatives should be mandated by the government or the organization itself. In order to ensure HR initiatives are aligned with current employee motivators, according to the findings, 38% of those employed who have taken leave for family or medical reasons say that paid leave would be the most helpful benefit offered by employers. Additionally, roughly three-quarters of paid leave supporters say that paid leave should be provided by the employer, rather than the government.

Paid Leave as a Major Incentive

Furthermore, 81% of Americans with a Bachelor’s degree say that companies who offer paid leave better incentivize employee retention. The most interesting aspect of this statistic is the fact that this view is widespread across various demographics and partisan groups. It seems that most employees are in agreement that paid leaves plays a major role in incentivizing loyalty.

This study underscores a wider trend of employees shifting their values towards benefits as a means of incentivizing retention and engagement, rather than a pay raise. By taking time to understand employee motivators, organizations can better position themselves to engage with employees, thereby increasing their potential to attract and retain today’s top talent.

To learn more about the benefits employees value most, read the full Pew study here.