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What does commercial fishing have in common with a broad-source approach to talent recruitment? They both involve casting a wide net, they both offer a great probability of catching something, and, if not careful, they both can cause serious damage along the way. Just ask Audrey Buckley, Founder and Principal Consultant at Archer Recruiting. While technology and social media have made it easy for talent acquisition specialists to “connect” with a wide swathe of candidates, relegating recruiting efforts to emails and social posts does little to truly “engage” candidates and determine whether they’re the right fit for an organization.

Buckley recently gave five recruiting secrets to boosting candidate engagement. To get all five, you can check out her full article on LinkedIn. Below is a handful of talent recruitment best practices that can be a great reminder for any recruiter.

Master the Art of Advertising

Posting job ads is an art. The more specific recruiters can be about their organization and the position, the better chance they’ll have of attracting qualified candidates.

Use a “Long List” Approach

Assemble a list of interested, qualified candidates and start connecting with them via phone or even in person. From there, you’ll have a better idea of how they might fit with your organization so you can start finalizing a shortlist.

Don’t Neglect the Post-Interview Process

The interview isn’t just an opportunity to gauge a candidate’s personality and skills, it’s an opportunity to establish and develop a professional relationship.

Talent recruitment is more than collecting applications and reviewing responses to job postings. It’s an opportunity to help professionals and companies achieve their goals. Tell us how you’re looking to enhance recruiting efforts – and all other HR initiatives – this year.